Thursday, 26 April 2012

St4cy Sup3rSt4r..!!

hi people..
i'm upload this video because
of my love this
Queen Dance of Malaysia...
really proud of her..
keep supporting her 
for her future life be a superstar
this are some of her video..
there more
but i'm just put alittle

ther u are..

enjoy it...!!

안녕하세요 사람 ..
제가 업로드 때문에  사랑이 비디오 말레이시아의 여왕 댄스 ​​해요 ...
그녀를 정말 자랑스러워 ...
그녀의 장래를 위해 그녀를 지원하는 유지 슈퍼스타가 될
이것이 그녀의 동영상 중 일부입니다 ..
하지만 난 조금 넣어 있어요

군터 U입니다 ..

그것을 즐기고 ...!

St4cy - Toxic

St4cy - Goy4ng St4cy

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